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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Comprehensive eye care is about more than just clear vision and a change in 

glasses. Unlike other parts of the body, the eyes do not always hurt when

there is something wrong. This is especially the case with glaucoma and early

changes in cataracts, diabetic complications, and macular degeneration.

Regular annual eye exams are necessary for your eye care provider to check

for any changes in the vision and eye health. Early detection of eye diseases

can allow your optometrist to take proper measures to slow, or stop any

vision conditions from getting worse.

Our doctors provide comprehensive eye exams that can uncover potentially

sight threatening eye conditions that may be symptomless and go unnoticed

in physical check ups by your family doctor and school vision screenings.

Contact us to book an appointment for your comprehensive eye exam.

Children under 20 and Adults over 65 covered once a year

All Diabetics- covered once a year

People with following conditions: Cataracts, Strabismus, Amblyopia, Glaucoma, Retinal Disease, Visual Field Defects.

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