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Optometrist in Bowmanville Dr. Subadra Arun provides the Bowmanville and Clarington areas with comprehensive eye care for the whole family at Bowmanville Eye Centre. We are conveniently located in the Bowmanville Health Centre on 222 King Street East



  • ​Comprehensive Eye Exams

  • Children's Eye Exams

  • Laser Surgery Consultations

  • Emergency Eye Care

  • Visual Field and Ministry of Transportation testing

  • Diabetic Eye Care and OCT imaging

Learning Center


Eating lots of carrots isn't necessarily the key ingredient to healthy vision. While carrots contain a lot of vitamin A, an important vitamin for the eyes, it is only useful for those who are vitamin A deficient - which is not very common.

To read more about Eye Nutrition and more, visit the Learning Center by clicking below!

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